Hola! I’m Isaul Berenguer from Ensenada, Mexico. 

Being exposed to a variety of cultures has always triggered my need to understand people and the powerful differences between them. Through my work as a designer, I have learned to be a voice for those who want to be heard. 

I’m invested in qualitative research, collecting and analyzing every nugget to develop solutions that are purposeful and necessary.


I’m fierce about designing solutions QUE SACUDAN -- that “AWAKEN US”.


My family keeps me inspired and motivated. 

Love spending time with my nephews and nieces!


My mom is all about the heart,

my dad was all about the analysis

From Ensenada to Leon, from Leon to Los Angeles, 

life has been full of rich, amazing cultural contrasts


Valuable Struggles

Struggles are always part of life. They have helped me see every culture should be approached with respect. 

Acting on New Priorities

This experiences also shifted my priorities and made me leave the transportation design program to pursue making a bigger impact in society by switching to product design and working closely with DesignMatters

Nina is born from the desire to help mothers in low-income communities raise their children with a fun, dignifying maternity backpack

Implementing The Vision


Heart + Analysis + Empathy

+ Respect = JOY

I have found a new way to connect and empathize through design. This mindset keeps me curious and hopeful today, always open for the next cultural immersion